The meaning of the hamsa symbol

April 22, 2019


In recent times, humanity believes two types of forces exist: good and evil. They ordinarily care of themselves with charms. One of them is named Hamsa. This mark is accepted to create an energetic border from evil souls. These thoughts present obviously in all religions. Hamsa take care of the live creatures against damage and jinx and attracts such positive issues as kindness, fertility, health, love, dignity, tenderness, and good luck. It becomes a universal sign of force and care. There is no doubt that people who wear the particular forms of charm, believe in the greatest power and find them in the puzzling situation.


hamsa symbolThe amulet contains 5 wide fingers, with a visual organ on the hand core. It may be noticed in Middle East decorations. The trend emerges that people trust these symbols and keep them in the house. It guards against harm, negative influences, and the evil impact. There is also admitted the particular signs defends the house from disasters.

For many cultural rituals, hamsa means distinct issues: the hand of a person, the fifth figure in the alphabet, five feelings of the person, who praises God; 5 pillars of Islam, the Fatima’s Hand.

A blue eye in the center of the hand with 5 fingers is approved to be a securing means against the negative streams in the countries of Middle East. In Jewish tradition, the hamsa is named as Hand of Miriam. In Muslim, the hamsa means the guard against singful forces. Pregnant women apply the hamsa bracelets to care of themselves and child. In Greece and Turkey, this kind of sings has a blue visionary organ in the core. The ornaments with green and blue figures may be observed in West Asia. Even nowadays there exist some beliefs that sinful looks provide the destroying force. It is still accepted in all denominations that right hand is shown on the sign. The relics from past period don’t lie and reveal the great origin of wisdom and trust in good and evil.

There are a lot of accessories that have the image of hamsa: hamsa bracelets, hamsa necklaces, embroidery, door-bells, car ornaments.

Hamsa bracelets

Hamsa bracelet

Hamsa bracelets can be made of dissimilar materials. A color palette includes grey, black, brown, and white shades. The picture may be placed on the separate sign.

No matter what beliefs in divinity persons have, they keep traditions and rites with the special care and without any doubt trust their ancestors concerning negative impact and evil forces.

Place note the size of the bead is about 10x12 mm, so take into account that longer texts will have smaller character's size to fit the bead

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