Life balance, emotional health and energy nourishing – these are the core genuine qualities that improve your state of mind without aggressive therapies. How to affect all of them at once? You already know the answer and it’s the matter of why you’ve got in here. Chakra bracelets have special influence at humans’ authentic energy balance.




The most noticeable challenge for every healing accessory is natural calming lava stones and sacral number of added rainbow elements. In fact, there are seven of them, which corelate with the quantity of humans’ chakras.


7 colors – 7 restored chakras

Volcano bracelets, pendants and necklaces are sometimes called 7 Buddha stones, where seven colors stand for seven commonly known chakras with Reiki symbolism. Here are these energy associations, where red stands for first root chakra of safety and nourishment from the Earth, orange works with emotional and creative ground, yellow is for mental powers and intellect, green is for love, heart and compassion, blue stands for throat and communication patterns, purple symbolizes intuition and the final crown white means strong connection to spirituality.

The basic color of black volcano can be replaced with chakras obsidian volcanic crystals. It would still have the right healing balance, where real gemstones add secret charm to your wrists and powerful energy effect to your soul.

Let’s see what chakra bracelets actually can do for you:

  1. When your body or mental strength runs out of balance, you can rely on natural stones. They make your inner state stable, reveal the nature of personal superpowers, calm down emotional storms and soften irritations.
  2. Cute beaded accessories enlighten the mind and clear up your thoughts. You’re getting able to mange every situation from the position of a leader.
  3. Sacral gold jewelry makes every look brighter and more unique. You can mix it up with casual, business and party outfit or with the other kinds of decorations.
  4. Chakra bracelets for women are a great gift, which testifies your attention and care.

In case if you still doubt where to buy awesome and qualitative yoga set with amethyst, please contact us, and BraceletsForEver will show you amazing choice of best balancing gemstones.

Place note the size of the bead is about 10x12 mm, so take into account that longer texts will have smaller character's size to fit the bead

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