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Welcome! My name is Evgenia and I’m founder of the BraceletsForEver brand. More often I'm just an artist and impressions lover.

I create beautiful, live jewelry for women, men and kids. I’ve learned everything about natural stones, their life and the power of impact on our emotions. Ask any recommendations and be sure to bookmark this page – once I'll definitely come in handy.

Do you know why? – I'm passionately in love with my job. That’s the only reason. My heart’s beating when I talk about natural jewelry or touch new stones. That’s the way I passionately, childishly and with burning eyes try to reach out to the beauty. My grandmother taught me this.

She literally got me in love with a subtle sense of delight from any creative work. So now I'm not looking for inspiration – the process itself delights and motivates me.

Natural stones – they inspire my work greatly. They, in fact, attract our sight, fill the looks with natural colors, they are pleasant to touch and contemplate. And magic, real magic is hidden inside. It’s the actual power of influence on people, their emotions, mood and character.

I’ve got sure of this on practice. The correctly chosen stone is capable of incredible impact – it can energize, give confidence, soothe, relax and even restore us after stress.

You know, I could become a Professor of stones and natural materials, still I really like producing the beauty. And go ahead, ask me – I'll give you advice and pick personal magic stone. I’ve launched my brand in 2015 and during this time, it grew 3 times bigger. Today I please customers with eco-decorations from men's, women's and couple's series. And my shop on Etsy sells 3500 items a year.

Place note the size of the bead is about 10x12 mm, so take into account that longer texts will have smaller character's size to fit the bead

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