Tiger eye and lapis lazuli personalized couple bracelets

This bracelet set made with natural 8 mm lapis lazuli, tiger eye, black lava and stainless steel beads.

  • high quality gems with natural colors
  • super strength silicon stretch cord
  • custom-made to your wrist size for a comfort fit
  • beautiful gift box package

 Gemstone properties

Volcanic lava

  • Enhancing creativity,
  • Communication,
  • Cleansing negativity.

    Lapis Lazuli

    • Vision,
    • Truth,
    • Awareness.

    Tiger Eye

    • Balance,
    • Grounding,
    • Discernment.

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      Place note the size of the bead is about 10x12 mm, so take into account that longer texts will have smaller character's size to fit the bead

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